Architects for Change (AfC)


About AfC

Architects for Change (AfC), the RIBA’s Equality & Diversity Committee, is a completely voluntary group which was established in 2000 to challenge and support the RIBA in developing policies and activities aimed at promoting diversity and equal opportunities in the architectural profession.

The co-ordinating committee of AfC, co-chaired by Dieter Bentley-Gockmann, Vinesh Pomal and Katy Ghahremani, brings together the energies and concerns of external networks, including Women in Architecture, the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust, the Architecture Students Network, the National Association of Women in Construction, Stonewall and others.

Our Aims and Objectives

Architects for Change, strives to promote equality and diversity in the education and practice of architecture.

In Education by promoting and encouraging access to architectural education based upon individual ability and potential, and by reflecting the diverse society that architects serve. AfC activities aim to reduce dropout rates, improving diversity in the curriculum, and studio teaching cultures.

In Practice – AfC seeks to identify and challenge inequalities in pay and career progression opportunities that undermine professionals’ careers development, in particular women, BME and disabled practitioners. AfC also strives to improve students’ working conditions and pay and to promote fair, family friendly working conditions as good business.

AfC Committee