Meet Yemi – A FLUID Programme Mentor

Yemi Aladerun is an Associate at Barbara Weiss Architects, a medium sized architectural practice based in Westminster.

A newly elected member of the RIBA National Council and an Ambassador for the Architects Benevolent Society, she is committed to and passionate about Social Mobility, Education, Mentoring and generally helping others to achieve their dreams within the construction industry and beyond.

Yemi has been mentoring for the FLUID Mentoring Diversity Scheme for the past year, she is also a mentor for the Social Mobility Foundation and The Stephen Lawrence Trust under their Building Futures Programme.


Why did you get involved in the FLUID Programme

When I qualified as an architect in 2014, I wished I had a mentor to help me navigate through the professional world of architecture. Unfortunately, at that time, there were no easily accessible schemes to locate a mentor.  

Two years later, I contacted the FLUID team. By then, working as an associate, I was settled in my career and decided that, becoming a mentor would be the most useful option. As it became increasingly apparent to me that there was a real need for female mentors & BAME mentors in the construction industry, I also started mentoring for the Social Mobility Foundation.


How has the FLUID Programme impacted on you

Watching my mentee growing in confidence throughout the year has filled me with joy. She is hardworking and determined, all she lacked was confidence. However, by the end of our mentoring cycle, she was given a massive promotion!!  

Her most insightful feedback regarding the mentoring process was that she realised that her architectural experiences were not necessarily indicative of the overall reality of architecture. 


Why do you think others should get involved with the Fluid Programme

There is no downside to mentoring – it is a win-win situation for ALL parties – it is mutually beneficial.

By sharing your knowledge and experiences as a mentor, you can open up entirely new paths and dramatically influence the direction an individual will take in their career. 

One of the greatest gifts of value you can give someone is to light their imagination up, give them hope, and inspire the confidence to chase their dreams.

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